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The Antioch Internship exists to equip young people who are interested in exploring a future in ministry, and for those who are looking for an opportunity to immerse themselves in a season of spiritual formation and personal growth among a unique community of justice-minded believers. The internship experience provides space for growth and learning through meaningful ministry experience, mentorship and education, and investment in the life of the Antioch family.

Check out this video for a creative rendition of the day in the life of an intern.

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Internship Overview  

Internship Overview

Why Bend?
Bend, Oregon is an active city comprised of a uniquely Northwestern culture and a laid-back, recreational atmosphere where most people work hard and play harder. Living in Bend for a summer is an intense, REI-on-steroids kind of experience. It is the mother of all playgrounds for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Proximity to the majestic, snow-capped Cascades had made Bend a destination spot for rock climbing, river rafting, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and long summer days (it doesn’t get dark until after 10:00pm). And if the thrilling beauty of the great outdoors is not necessarily your thing, then the Friday night art walks, food and film festivals, and live concerts in Bend’s charming downtown might be. But not only is this city an amazing place to visit and play, it is also a place to learn about a life of ministry and have an influence for Christ in a region considered one of the most un-Churched in the country. Come intern in Bend. You won’t want to miss it.

Every intern will learn from and meet regularly with a ministry leader with experience in that intern’s area of ministry focus. The partnership gives interns a chance to observe much of the behind-the-scenes of a ministry position and to gain experience by working on current and self-initiated projects with the guidance of their ministry leader. But students will also meet with their mentors weekly over lunch or coffee for the sake of simply learning from his or her life. The hope of the staff and leaders here at Antioch is that every intern will not only gain valuable work and ministry experience, but will also mature and develop holistically as an individual and member of the community while they’re here for a summer.

Host Families
With every new group of interns, there are an entire slew of great families anticipating your arrival. Why? Interns, either alone or in pairs, are connected with an Antioch family that will provide you with a place to call home for the summer. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to serve interns tangibly, it has become one of the quickest and best ways for interns to connect and invest in the life of the church, and for families and interns to build relationships that often last well beyond the summer. For many interns, host families have become one of the greatest parts of the internship experience.

June 2 – August 7, 2014


Interns shim

Intern Ministry Focuses

As a summer intern, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to submerge yourself in the life of ministry and learn alongside a church family that is seeking to speak into today’s culture with the transformative influence of Christ. Over the course of ten weeks you’ll also have the chance to begin or continue the process of discovering how you’ve been gifted to be a part of the life of the local church and the larger body of believers.

The following is a list of Antioch's ministry experiences both summer and yearlong interns can engage in. Each intern will connect with a Pastor or Director in one of these ministries to shadow, learn, explore, participate and create ministry.


Performing Arts  

An Intern's Week

Office Life
Interns spend the largest portion of their time working in the area of their ministry focus, which amounts to about 15 hours a week devoted to working on tasks and projects under the direction of their ministry mentor, as well as time spent invested in self-directed ministry experience.

Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
One of the core values of the Antioch Internship is personal growth and spiritual formation. To provide opportunity for this kind of development, interns will meet once a week with their ministry leaders for life-on-life mentorship and will get to sit under the teaching of a broad spectrum of staff members, church and community leaders throughout the summer.

Antioch Sundays
Right away interns will jump into the flow of life at Antioch by participating in Sunday services every week. Each intern and resident will own a specific role for the summer to gain insight and investment in the inner-workings of Sunday mornings, and providing unique perspective of the functioning of the life of the church body.

Interns are provided with housing and some of their meals through host families for the 10 weeks that they’re living in Bend. For groceries, living, transportation, and entertainment during the summer interns should plan to spend about $50 a week. Though it’s unlikely that an intern can find a job for the summer, there are opportunities like babysitting, mowing lawns, teaching swimming lessons, or any other creative ideas to make a little extra cash.



Yearlong Residency

The Antioch Yearlong Residency Program grew out of Antioch Summer Internship and is designed to give college/seminary graduates a chance to go deeper in an extended, more focused program and to provide yearlong residents with a platform to create and drive their own ministry experience and personal development. Because we believe God has created each individual uniquely, with specific gifts and abilities, Antioch strives to be a place where residents can engage in innovative ministries and continue their education* all while exploring and developing their personal call and mission as a believer.

Kilns College
A significant aspect of the Yearlong Residency is continuing education through partnership with Kilns College. Because education is a vital tool in the process of personal growth and can be a catalyst for spiritual formation, each resident takes undergraduate or graduate level courses (depending on level of education) as part of the internship experience. Through Kilns education, students have the opportunity for rich academic development and an awesome immersion in the conversation of justice. After residents complete the yearlong internship, there is opportunity to acquire a Masters degree through a second year as a student at Kilns.


Looking for an exciting experience to learn, be challenged, and personally shaped? The combination of Bend and the Antioch family is a unique place to learn ministry and spend 12 months seeking God. If a year of gaining ministry experience, exploring your passions for the church and the world, and learning and developing your gifts and abilities within a vibrant Christian community sounds like what you’re looking for, we would love to talk!

Interns Interns

Video Gallery

Internship Overview



"I had the most fun I've ever had in a summer. I did things I never thought I'd do."

Micah Bournes
Moody Bible Student


"I can honestly say that my walk with God has improved more because of the genuine love and authenticity shown from the church staff and its people."

Matt Romeo
Moody Bible Student


"Bend is a paradise to get away from life's routine. A time of rest to learn about yourself and God's heart."

Katy Fein
Linfield College Student


"I've learned so much about myself this summer and my relationship with Christ. I was challenged in so many different ways and my life has been changed forever."

Kathie Hillberg
Azusa Pacific University Student


"Antioch gives you an unmatched opportunity to explore what it means to
live as yourself in the reality of God. They enable you to pursue
passions, talents, etc. that you otherwise may not have had an
opportunity to experience and in a way that few other organizations
are able to do."

Jonathon Monson
Azusa Pacific University Student


Intern Application

Please complete the entire form below
STEP 1: Complete and submit the online application by the application deadline.

Summer Intern Application deadline:
Summer: April 1st

Year-long Intern Application deadlines:
Fall: July 15th
Winter: November 15th
Summer: April 1st

STEP 2: Letter of Recommendation. This item must be received by the application deadline.

One recommendation from your pastor (one of your pastors will do) or One recommendation from one of your professors (from the school you are currently attending)

This letter should not exceed one page in length and should address issues like one's character, ministry experience, giftedness etc.

STEP 3: After the application deadline, an Antioch staff member will contact you via phone for an interview.
Application Guidelines

Basic Information

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Home Address*
School Information

Church Information



We suggest a person of influence in your life, different from those writing you the letter of recommendation. These are people we can call and ask some questions about you.

Personal Background

Answer the following questions in one paragraph each (Please do not exceed 1,500 words total).

  • How do you describe your relationship with Christ? (How did you come to know him? What does being a believer mean to you? Etc.)
  • What three words best describe you, and why?
  • How do you think being an Antioch intern will play a role in your long term plans?

Ministry Focus and Internship


Summer Year-Long
Summer –Jun. Fall – Sept. Winter – Jan.

Life Style

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Application Agreement

The undersigned applicant hereby certifies that the information contained on this Internship Application is true and correct. I have not omitted any information which I reasonably believe would reflect unfavorably on the church's decision regarding my admittance into the Internship Program.

I understand that if any of the information I have provided is found to be false or incomplete, it might cancel any consideration of this application or even immediately relieve me of intern responsibilities.

Statment of Beliefs
I have read and agree with the Antioch Church Statement of Beliefs    Yes No

IN Conference

The Internship Network (IN) Conference will equip you on how to create, upgrade or maintain a healthy internship program.

Location: Bend, OR
Dates: July 24-26, 2013
Cost: $109/ Person
$350 / Team (4 or more)

* Required

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