As followers of Jesus, we are called to be more than a community that simply gathers on Sunday mornings. We are the body of Christ called to be the representatives of Jesus to the world, which means that our connection on Sunday morning is part of a rhythm that ebbs and flows throughout the week. Our hope is for everyone at Antioch to be meaningfully connected to the body and daily shaped by Jesus through intentional community, authentic spirituality, and missional living.

New to Antioch?

"New to Antioch?" is an introduction to Antioch church. Learn the Antioch story, meet the staff, know what we’re about as a community, and start getting connected to the church family right away.
-"New to Antioch?" meets every Sunday directly after the service in the foyer. Look for the "New to Antioch?" Sign.


Part of being connected to a community is being uniquely valued. We value the gifts, skills, and experiences that we all possess and invite you contribute yours on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. Below is a list of teams that currently exist to help us facilitate our Sunday morning gatherings. If you don’t see a role that suits your gifting drop us a note and let us know how you can contribute!

  • Antioch Kids
  • Connection Team
  • Setup Crew
  • Multimedia/Production Team
  • Worship & Arts Team
  • Security Team

To serve in one of these areas, click the link below to get us your information on the “Get Connected” page so that we can get you plugged in!

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COMMUNION GROUP = "Common Union"

We gather as Communion Groups to commune with God, practice hospitality toward one another, and remember our vocation as disciples of Jesus. To do this, our communion groups embody four sacraments: the breaking of bread, the recitation of prayers, the partaking of the eucharist, and the apostles teaching. These practices, rooted in the teachings of Jesus, work to form us as disciples of Jesus.

  • Communion with God = Authentic Spirituality
    We believe that praying liturgical prayers allows the spirit to shape our minds using the words of God, and receiving communion aligns our hearts with the mission of Jesus.
  • Hospitality toward one another = Intentional Community
    We believe opening our homes and inviting people to share meals at our tables is akin to the hospitality we see exemplified in the life of Jesus and as such should be practiced by his disciples.
  • Vocation as disciples of Jesus = Missional Living
    We believe that through receiving communion, praying liturgical prayers, and practicing hospitality with one another, we align our hearts and minds with the mission of God and our vocation as disciples of Jesus.
  • On the 1st & 3rd weeks the group meets in a home to share a communal meal and to participate in meaningful conversation. Three prayers shape the course of the evening: the prayer of thanksgiving, the prayer of Christ crucified, and the Lord’s prayer.
  • On the 2nd & 4th weeks the men and women alternate meeting in an environment conducive to the deepening of relationships, and the study of the apostle’s teaching.

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Learning and Connection GROUPS

Throughout the year we offer groups that run for a limited season, each with a specific focus. An array of interests are highlighted such as sermon series discussions, outdoor activities, book studies, meal sharing, and more. The hope of these groups is to connect you with people who share a similar passion.

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Bread & Wine

One of the consistent experiences we witness in the life of Jesus is a practice of sharing communal meals. In fact, it was at the table, amidst a communal meal, through the sharing of BREAD & WINE that Jesus asked us to remember him. Once a quarter we intentionally open our homes and share our tables with the hope of extending hospitality, generosity, and relationship toward one another.

Interested in hosting a table or participating in the next BREAD & WINEevent?

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