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Times & Place

Antioch Services
Our service is at 10:00am.

Location: Bend Senior High School in Bend, Oregon (click here for a map)

Kids Ministries
Antioch Kids is open for kids ages infant through upper elementary every Sunday from 9:30-11:30.

For information on all of our great kids programs, visit the Antioch Kids Page!

Student Ministries
Our primary ministry to High School and Middle School students occurs during our mid-week youth gatherings - High School on Monday nights and Middle School on Wednesday nights. On Sunday, we encourage our High School students to attend the service with their friends or family, and our Middle School students either sit together in the service or sign-up to serve in our Sunday Children’s Program. For mid-week youth group information, please visit the Antioch Youth Page! Stop by our youth table on Sundays (found in the lobby) for more information.


(Hebrews 12:2; John 1:1; John 14:6)

We are committed to being Christ Centered and doing all things to the Glory of God

The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch (Acts 11:26). This is one of the first places where a community of people sought to follow the leading of Jesus and live in a new and radical way. We too submit ourselves to Christ's leading, his authority, his agenda and his values.

Authentic Spirituality
(Acts 15:22-35; Psalm 63:1; Matthew 6:6-8)

We believe in grace and are committed to authenticity, humility and being culturally relevant while still keeping the gospel message biblical and Christ Centered

The first community at Antioch had a difficulty – there were both Jews and Gentiles. These two groups were incompatible and their traditions and practices clashed. The goal was to find unity under Christ and to focus on a relationship with God rather than mere religious practice. As a result they sought to hold onto the good and get rid of the bad. Whatever was a barrier was thrown out, and whatever aided the community in growth, unity, and an authentic focus on God was retained.

In much the same way, we are committed to being as culturally relevant as possible while still keeping the gospel message biblical and Christ Centered. As appropriate, we will value change, cultural relevance and authenticity in an effort to find and keep godly unity and maintain a sincere devotion – much as the early church did.

Intentional Community
(Acts 2:42-47; Acts 11:20; Ephesians 4:1-16)

We are committed to being a healthy and holistic family of believers through intentional relationships in service and community

The church at Antioch was the first recorded church in the Christian era where one group of believers specifically targeted and reached out to a different culture, ethnicity, and demographic. We are committed to doing the same. We are committed to being intentional about developing community.

Missional Living
(Acts 13:1-3; Acts 1:8; John 4:34-36)

We are committed to finding and living out God's missional call on our lives – as a church and as individuals

This is one of our dearest values. We believe that the gospel is not simply a message on paper, but a calling to participate in. We believe what Jesus said when he told the disciples, "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." We endeavor to put the calling of God above comfort and the growth of the Kingdom of God above our desires. We will avoid a consumer approach to church and strive to be active participants in God's grand story of redemption.

We will make it our purpose and ambition to obey Jesus and "be [his] witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." We see the task of being missional witnesses as taking place in three spheres: living for others at home (in Bend), in our backyard (Central Oregon), and abroad (the nations).

Lastly, we will be willing to take the best of what God gives us and in turn give it away out of our passion for others and our sensitivity to God's leading – much as the original Antioch church was willing to send out Paul and Barnabas (the two primary leaders) at the prompting of God (see Acts 13). This is what drives our ambition to plant churches and to turn our congregation outward rather than inward.


  • Scripture is God’s written revelation to man—fully inspired and written truth. It serves as the authority in belief and practice. We stand under it seeking to understand and obey. We do not stand above it seeking to judge and critique.
  • God is beyond and above all of his creation—perfect and infinitely complete. All that is was created by him and all that will come is known by him and under his control.
  • Humanity was created in God’s image. Every race, color and individual person, both male and female, are valuable and of equal worth.
  • Every human being is created to find their ultimate fulfillment and happiness in God. Sacrificial love is God’s plan for perfecting and enjoying our relationship with him and our relationships with each other.
  • Sin resides in every person and necessarily separates us from God—requiring an act by God to restore humanity to him.
  • The life, death, and resurrection of Christ is God’s act to restore humanity to him. We celebrate the literal and physical resurrection of Jesus through baptism (symbolizing cleansing and renewal) and the Lord’s Supper (reminding us that salvation and deliverance came from God through Jesus Christ).
  • The gift of salvation is pure grace (it cannot be earned or deserved) and is accepted by faith. Faith means believing that God is trustworthy and will make good on his promises. Therefore, genuine faith leads to submission and obedient following.
  • People were not created to live alone. Without community they are missing a key element of their purpose and happiness. The nuclear family and the spiritual family (church) are God’s way for providing man with community.
  • God calls the church to participate in making Him known by leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and inviting them into spiritual community (We refer to this as a “missional” focus)
  • God is the ultimate artist and often expresses himself through symbolism and beauty; therefore we esteem art and its expression very highly. As such, we believe that art, beauty, and aesthetics are a necessary component in the community of faith and individual spirituality.
  • Prayer is the counter-intuitive means by which we submit to God, commune with God, and seek his divine guidance rather than relying merely on human striving and struggle in the daily administration of our lives.
  • We believe that God’s heart goes out more for those who cannot help themselves than those who can – and in this economy God cares infinitely for hurting children. We also weep for the hurting children of this world and are compelled to seek tangible and effective ways to love and help them.

Joining Antioch

Connection means participation
Instead of traditional church membership, we encourage active participation at Antioch through a rhythm of serving and being connected to community. In doing so, we hope that meaningful relationships are created and sustained. Additionally, by actively using your God-given gifts to promote the flourishing of others we hope that you will feel engaged and valued by this community.

To learn more about opportunities to serve or join a community group please visit the Community Page!


Where and when does Antioch meet?
Antioch gathers at Bend High School on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. We encourage you to arrive early and grab a cup of coffee or tea and connect with friends old and new. Please visit the Information desk if you are new, we’d love to meet you!

What should I expect when I arrive on a Sunday morning?
Please feel free to park in the school lot or in the surrounding neighborhood. We enter the school through the main entrance on the north side of the building. The main service is held in the auditorium, and the kids programs are located in the commons and classrooms.

What does a typical Antioch service entail?
Our services are primarily comprised of a time centered on communal worship and biblical teaching. Throughout the year we also invite guest speakers and musical artists to lend their gifts and perspectives to enrich and broaden the formation of our community. We encourage you to arrive early and linger after the service to better connect to the community.

Are their programs for children and youth?
On Sunday morning, kids up to the age of 5th grade are invited to participate in Antioch Kids—a safe, fun, bible-centered environment, led by our Children’s pastor, Linda Van Voorst. Click here to learn more. On Sunday, we encourage our High School students to attend the service with their friends or family, and our Middle School students either sit together in the service or sign-up to serve in our Sunday Children’s Program. Additionally, we host Middle and High School students at our mid-week youth groups, held at the Antioch offices on Monday and Wednesday nights. Visit our Youth Page to learn more.

Where is the Antioch office?
The church offices are located at 255 SW Bluff Drive, Bend OR 97702. Feel free to stop by during normal business. If you are looking to meet with a specific church leader, please contact them.

How does Antioch create a safe environment?
We are more confident regarding the safety of people attending an Antioch service because of our security team. To ensure a safe environment for people of all ages at Antioch, we have a security presence in both the kids ministry and the main auditorium.

What does the name “Antioch” mean?
We too our name from the church at Antioch (in modern day Turkey) referenced in the book of Acts. From that community we derived our four values: Christ Centered, Authentic Spirituality, Intentional Community & Missional Living. Scroll up to the Values & Beliefs section of this page to read about our understanding of these values in detail.

How do I connect to the community of Antioch?
We encourage everyone in Antioch to adopt a rhythm of serving in the body of the church and also being connected to community throughout the week. We’d love to help you identity and utilize your gifts on one of several teams that serve on Sunday mornings (Kids ministry, Setup Crew, Connection Team, Hospitality Team, Worship Team). Throughout the week we have multiple community groups that meet to share meals, receive communion, engage in bible studies, and participate in missional groups. Please visit the Community Page to learn more.

How does Antioch engage communion?
In the early church, believers followed a rhythm of gathering both in the temple courts and in their homes to eat, to learn, to pray, and to receive communion. Antioch has adopted a similar rhythm by regularly extending the opportunity to receive communion during the main service and also in homes throughout Central Oregon—we call these “Communion Groups.” We believe the communion table is open to all and invite everyone to receive. To learn more about joining a Communion Group, please visit the Community Page.

What are Antioch’s denominational connections?
Antioch is a non-denominational church. It is our desire, however, to partner and collaborate with other churches locally, nationally, and globally.

What is the relationship between Antioch and Kilns College?
From day one, Antioch has always had a passion for continued learning. In 2008 Antioch was given a local Bible College. Kilns College: School of Theology and Mission, as it came to be names, was the perfect opportunity to provide continued learning by combining quality classical education with a global sense of calling and mission. Kilns College has now transitioned to be a Graduate Institution, offering three distinct Master of Arts degree programs both in Bend, Oregon and online via distance learning. Although birthed out of Antioch, Kilns College is legally separate from the church. It is a state approved college.

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